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Keel – Streets of Rock & Roll [2010]

■ Genre: Hard Rock
■ Audio Format: FLAC level 8, v1.2.1 / mp3 VBR V0, LAME v3.98.2
■ Included: nfo, log, sfv, m3u, Booklet, CD, Tray card
■ Playing Time: 00:50:26
■ Size: 360,73 MB/107,80 MB
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  1. February 8th, 2010 at 22:00 | #1

    Had someone told me I’d be buying Keel‘s new album a year ago, my reaction would be something like “I don’t think so, unless it’s in the bargain bin”.
    OK, here comes some more not-so-flattering comments:
    I never thought of Keel as a first rate band. To me they always fell into the “enjoyable yet nothing special” category. I do have some early works of theirs on vinyl (“The right to Rock” & “The final frontier”) and cassette tape (s/t) but I got them really cheap.
    [for more information on how that happened, have a look at Hurricane’s “Over the edge” review]

    Never say never.
    Not only did I buy “Streets of Rock & Roll”, I pre-ordered it too 😳
    It’s amazing what a hooky chorus can do. The only thing more effective, is a hooky chorus in conjunction with extensive airplay 😛
    What a coincidence, that was exactly what happened and ARFM.co.uk is solely responsible;
    Steve Price to be precise, since he kept playing the self-titled track over and over again until it was impossible to get it out of my head.
    I wouldn’t exactly call it brainwashing, still…
    It was the song’s *bridge* that made all the difference.

    You know it’s right, your guitar is calling you home
    You paid the price, your gypsy heart needs to roam

    [Words in capital letters indicate the whole band is singing, my favourite part – better than the chorus itself actually]

    Personal Rating:
    7 *red Italian automobiles bearing a black stallion logo* (did you get the hint?) out of 10;
    Enjoyable, but not an essential purchase.

    Keel at Wikipedia
    “Streets of Rock & Roll” at RateYourMusic
    “Streets of Rock & Roll” at Discogs

    Record Label: Frontiers Records
    Catalogue Number: FR CD 445
    UPC: 8024391044520
    Rights Society: SIAE [Italy]
    Mastering SID Code: IFPI LZ25
    Matrix/Runout: MULTIMEDIAPRESS.IT KC_030819 FR CD 445
    Mould SID Code: IFPI KC02

    01. Streets of Rock & Roll [4:47]
    02. Hit the ground running [3:52]
    03. Come Hell or high water [4:01]
    04. Push & pull [4:58]
    05. Does anybody believe [4:32]
    06. No more lonely nights [4:19]
    07. The Devil may care (But I don’t) [4:23]
    08. Lookin’ for a good time [3:26]
    09. Gimme that [3:31]
    10. Hold steady [3:56]
    11. Live [4:46]
    12. Brothers in blood [3:52]
    *Legal Disclaimer*

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    CRC32: 1d1aa855
    MD5: 6e4afed793671d3af941ce4310e41913
    SHA-1: 1f5d1d7947da81cae84281ba794da27d55ce7372

    mp3 CD-rip nfo
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    mp3 VBR V0 | LAME v3.98.2 [Solidfiles.com] [14/04/2013]

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    CRC32: e225e434
    MD5: ff4a5951172ef7e9d43a1290951c25b6
    SHA-1: ec10da18b0b5372b4abd44c3cc19c3cc670597e0


    Keel oldies


    Keel “oldies”


  2. jeff
    February 9th, 2010 at 00:05 | #2

    I knew they had a new album coming out, but I had no idea it was already out.
    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous
    February 9th, 2010 at 09:15 | #3

    Gracias 🙂

  4. Anonymous
    February 13th, 2010 at 19:50 | #4

    Ron Keel is great, I used to play “The right to Rock” in high school…
    Thank you man 🙂

  5. July 30th, 2010 at 08:30 | #5


  6. Mauro Cordeiro
    February 22nd, 2017 at 21:20 | #6

    Hey, what’s the password to unzip?

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