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The schedule for May

May 1st, 2012 5 comments

May’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Pending from last month:
Danger Danger – “Revolve
Jekyll & Hyde – “Heavenly creatures
Various Artists – “Spin the bottle: An all-star tribute to KISS” [CD+DVD]
TNT – “A farewell to arms” [Korean edition inc. 1 bonus track]
Ten – “Stormwarning” [Korean edition inc. 1 bonus track]

Current month’s entries:
Riot – “Restless breed
Racer X – “Second heat
KISS – “Destroyer
At Vance – “Chained
Europe – “Last look at Eden” [Limited Edition digipack inc. 2 bonus tracks]

You know the drill…

The less re-upload requests YOU make, the better the chances.

Accept – “Eat the heat => Rescheduled
Accept – “Staying a life” [2CD-set] => Rescheduled
Pink Cream 69 – “Thunderdome” [Limited Edition digipack inc. bonus track] => Rescheduled
Dream Evil – “The book of Heavy Metal => Rescheduled
At Vance – “Ride the sky => Rescheduled
Firewind – “The premonition => Rescheduled
Andy Timmons – “Resolution” [Japanese Edition inc. bonus track]
Vinnie Moore – “Time Odyssey => Rescheduled
Mr. Big – “Extended versions
Rage – “Carved in stone” [Limited Edition digipack inc. bonus DVD] => Rescheduled

* Subject to change

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