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The schedule for May…

May 1st, 2011 5 comments

If there’s one Sleaze Rock/Glam Metal (or whatever you want to call it) singer constantly overlooked by the masses, that’s Steve Whiteman.
Even the fans who were around in the mid80s (aka Glory Days) seem to ignore his presence. Man, does it piss me off!
You’ll hear them praising Cinderella or Mötley Crüe or … (pick any other band of the genre that emerged in the same period) but when you mention Kix as an important part of the scene, they get a particular expression on their faces – rather annoying I must say.
The “Oh yeah, I remember those guys” kind of look (nodding condescendingly), as if you brought up a second rate act in the discussion.
To make things more interesting (adding fuel to the fire according to others), I suggest a Steve Whiteman vs Tom Keifer comparison.
Stating my personal preference (in favour of the former of course) does the trick every single time.
From that point onwards, the whole thing becomes less of a conversation and more of a shouting contest.
“You can’t be serious” and “What the Hell are you talking about?” must be the most common *arguments*.

Mission accomplished: Next time, they’ll remember Kix for sure 😉

May’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Kix – “Original album series” [5-CD set; 2009 issue] 
Includes the following:
• “Kix” [1981]
• “Cool kids” [1983]
• “Midnite dynamite” [1985]
• “Blow my fuse” [1988]
• “Hot wire” [1991]
Whitesnake – “Good to be bad” [Ltd. edition cardboard box inc. bonus CD] => Rescheduled for next month
Whitesnake – “Forevermore” [Deluxe edition CD+DVD] => Rescheduled for next month
Dio – “Master of the moon
Cacophony [Marty Friedman/Jason Becker] – “Go off!
Marty Friedman – “Dragon’s kiss
Marty Friedman – “Scenes
Marty Friedman – “Introduction
Marty Friedman – “Music for Speeding
Megadeth – “Rust in peace” [2004 Remaster inc. 4 bonus tracks]

Pending from last month:
Blue Öyster Cult – “Agents of fortune” [2001 Remaster inc. 4 bonus tracks]
Def Leppard – “Pyromania” [2-CD set Deluxe Edition] => Rescheduled for next month

* Subject to change

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