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Saxon – Rock the nations [1986; 2010 Remaster inc. 8 bonus tracks]

■ Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
■ Audio Format: FLAC level 8, v1.2.1 / mp3 VBR V0, LAME v3.98.4
■ Included: nfo, log, sfv, m3u, Booklet, CD, Tray card
■ Playing Time: 01:17:52
■ Size: 569,47 MB/157,39 ΜΒ
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[Password: -21grams]

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  1. April 18th, 2011 at 00:00 | #1

    Saxon at Wikipedia
    “Rock the nations” at RateYourMusic
    “Rock the nations” at Discogs

    Record Label: EMI
    Catalogue Number: 50999 6 84344 2 7
    UPC: 5099968434427
    Label Code: LC 0542
    Rights Society: SDRM/BIEM [France]
    Mastering SID Code: IFPI LK97
    Matrix/Runout: takt.eu 2100002317767 6843442
    Mould SID Code: IFPI 9R80

    Original album 1986
    01. Rock the nations [4:41]
    02. Battle cry [5:26]
    03. Waiting for the night [4:51]
    04. We came here to Rock [4:21]
    05. You ain’t no angel [5:29]
    06. Running hot [3:36]
    07. Party til you puke [3:26]
    08. Empty promises [4:11]
    09. Northern lady [4:43]
    10. Chase the fade [B-Side of “Waiting for the night”] [2:32]
    11. Waiting for the night [7″ Single Edit] [4:12]
    12. Northern lady [7″ Single Edit] [3:57]
    Live in Madrid; B-Side of “Northern lady”
    13. Everybody up [Live] [3:37]
    14. Dallas 1pm [Live] [6:34]
    BBC Live at Reading Rock Festival 23rd August 1986
    15. Power and the glory [Live] [6:52]
    16. Rock the nations [Live] [4:49]
    17. Waiting for the night [Live] [4:34]
    *Legal Disclaimer*

    FLAC CD-rip nfo
    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [1fichier.com] [25/07/2015]
    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [Filecloud.io]
    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [Filefactory.com]
    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [Fileserve.com]
    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [Hulkfile.com]
    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [Mega.co.nz] [11/03/2013]
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    FLAC level 8 | v1.2.1 [Netkups.com]

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    CRC32: ae89d04f
    MD5: 3b3f0a8202a936b7d69e1bd8135f180a
    SHA-1: ccbd39da9a81f553b24c71f58a9aea6075426535

    mp3 CD-rip nfo
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    mp3 VBR V0 | LAME v3.98.4 [Filefactory.com]
    mp3 VBR V0 | LAME v3.98.4 [Mega.co.nz] [11/03/2013]
    mp3 VBR V0 | LAME v3.98.4 [Megaupload.com]
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    mp3 VBR V0 | LAME v3.98.4 [Solidfiles.com] [15/03/2013]

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    CRC32: 45a5f866
    MD5: e19db8b538318d740a33f5cc8022673a
    SHA-1: 94a39104880aeecc2c1ceabdabe023b61c90619e

    Known Issues:
    Noticed a few milliseconds pause on the opening track, “Rock the nations”, at approximately 2:21 (in both FLAC & mp3 rips)
    Confirmed it was due to a minor defect on the original CD, judging by the AccurateRip Report every pressing was released in that state.
    Rather negligible in my opinion, but I felt I should mention it nonetheless.

    “Souvenirs” anyone?


    Saxon ticket 07.04.2011
  2. adrian666
    April 19th, 2011 at 17:15 | #2

    -21grams, just curious, I clicked on the “Souvenirs” but what I got was “blocked_login.jpg”. And, the cover art on the beginning of your post also displays “Domain Unregistered”.
    Is there something wrong with Imageshack?

    Btw, before you rip and tag the “Destiny” Remaster:
    I have to warn you that the song-writing credits inside the booklet are incorrect. You have to refer to Wikipedia (for example) for the correct ones.
    The Remaster booklet says all songs are written by Bifford/Quinn/Johnson (except of few) when actually the first few tracks were written by Bifford/Quinn/Oliver, if I recall correctly.

  3. April 19th, 2011 at 18:55 | #3

    Have you tried to refresh the page? (more than once)
    Wait, I just googled Imageshack domain unregistered, you are not the only one apparently :\

    I’ll see what I can do, perhaps there’s a workaround.
    Just for the record, I have an account on Imageshack and the galleries are secured
    Even if I choose to switch to another image host, the artwork won’t be gone 😉

    As for the “Destiny” credits issue, I’ll take every bit of information into consideration – thanks for the heads up.

  4. adrian666
    April 20th, 2011 at 01:10 | #4

    -21grams, actually the songwriting difference also exists on few older albums that you already posted. On the remaster of several early albums, drummer Nigel Glocker is missing from the writing credit (Power and the Glory remaster for example)..but the P&TG vinyl says the album was written by Saxon (Byford/Quinn/Oliver/Dawson/Glockler), you can see the pictures from vinyl on discogs.

    This is the correct credit for Destiny… my favorite album actually 🙂
    1. Ride Like The Wind (Christopher Cross)
    2. Where The Lightning Strikes (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver)
    3. I Can’t Wait Anymore (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver)
    4. Calm Before The Storm (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver)
    5. S.O.S. (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver)
    6. Song For Emma (Biff Byford/Stephan Galfas)
    7. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Paul Johnson)
    8. We Are Strong (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn)
    9. Jericho Siren (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Paul Johnson)
    10. Red Alert (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Paul Johnson)
    11. I Can’t Wait Anymore (12″ Mix) (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver)
    12. Rock The Nations (Live at Hammersmith) (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver/Nigel Glockler)
    13. Broken Heroes (Live in Madrid) (Biff Byford/Steve Dawson)
    14. Gonna Shout (Live in Madrid) (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Graham Oliver/Steve Dawson/Nigel Glockler)
    15. Ride Like The Wind (Monitor Mix) (Christopher Cross)
    16. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Monitor Mix) (Biff Byford/Paul Quinn/Paul Johnson)

  5. xuthl
    April 29th, 2011 at 20:10 | #5


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