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Atsushi Yokozeki Project – Raid [1993; 2010 Reissue]

■ Genre: Hard Rock/Guitar Virtuoso
■ Audio Format: FLAC level 8, v1.2.1 / mp3 VBR V0, LAME v3.98.4
■ Included: nfo, log, sfv, m3u, Booklet, CD, Tray card
■ Playing Time: 00:42:58
■ Size: 321,40 MB/94,28 ΜΒ
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[Password: -21grams]

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  1. February 25th, 2011 at 00:00 | #1

    “Money down the drain”

    You know, on top of everything else I have to be on the lookout for potential scum 😡
    Rumour(?) has it most -if not all- of Krescendo Recordsʼ releases (they only do reissues) are of questionable quality; some go further classifying them as bootlegs 😯
    [Source: MelodicRock.com]
    Complaints about unpaid royalties to the respective artists have been surfaced too – that’s not a good sign, is it?
    Is it Z Records all over again then?
    I wish someone had given me a heads up prior to ordering this edition…
    While I can’t confirm any of these accusations personally -at least not at this point-, I must say I regret not getting the AOR Heaven (for further information have a look at NEH Records store) reissue instead.
    The latter is a label I trust. If you do buy that pressing, drop me a note and tell me how it sounds.
    I just googled the Cat#, AORH314A, I’m seeing there and now I’m puzzled.
    It appears that another CD, the reissue of Cannata’s “Images of forever”, shares the same Catalogue Number.
    That could mean AOR Heaven has never released “Raid” to begin with 😕
    Consider yourselves warned!

    This SHIT has spoiled all the fun, that’s for sure 😡

    Atsushi Yokozeki Project at Wikipedia [Japanese]
    “Raid” at RateYourMusic
    “Raid” at Discogs

    Record Label: Krescendo Records <= Red-flagged!
    Catalogue Number: KRECD54
    UPC: 5060245870030
    Rights Society: MCPS [UK]
    Mastering SID Code: IFPI LY34
    Matrix/Runout: Sony DADC KRECD54 01
    Mould SID Code: IFPI AEW39

    01. Tears of Sphinx [3:32]
    02. More than enough [4:54]
    03. Straight to your heart [4:20]
    04. Camel [3:49]
    05. All the way to Heaven [4:43]
    06. Silence, storm and sunrise [4:17]
    07. A little bit more [3:23]
    08. Heartbreak [4:25]
    09. Mama again [4:51]
    10. Raid [4:45]
    *Legal Disclaimer*

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    CRC32: 6c45ddaa
    MD5: 59e7efb3186eb1f9e6fad9efa632a30b
    SHA-1: fef517242934f1d307d3e532d08b0f1dd3f48402

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    mp3 VBR V0 | LAME v3.98.4 [Solidfiles.com] [25/03/2013]

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    CRC32: cf595e33
    MD5: 2b854abcf2f73855ecde2815f5851e1c
    SHA-1: 52e86d42968c1008cb6f8f79b3dea1edff7cea8a

  2. Edson Wilton
    February 25th, 2011 at 01:00 | #2

    Great, great, great!
    This is an amazing disc!
    Ray Gillen sings in “Heartbreak”, I love this song!
    Thank you!

  3. Marian
    February 25th, 2011 at 16:30 | #3

    Thanks a lot dude! This is a great album.

  4. errny
    February 26th, 2011 at 18:45 | #4

    errny from Moscow, Russia left the following comment:

    Friend, this archive does not work! Please make a new archive!

    I have absolutely no idea what you mean…
    Haven’t had any other complaints so far (that should tell you something), the problem –if there is one to begin with– is probably on your end 😐

  5. adrian666
    February 28th, 2011 at 17:40 | #5

    -21grams, as far as I know, AOR Heaven has never reissued “Raid”.
    The one you saw at NEH Records is most likely the Krescendo edition.
    Unfortunately, the original Japanese pressing has become very rare and is pretty hard to find – Almost exclusively on eBay auctions and -as expected- for very high prices 😡
    The only option to obtain this album at a reasonable price, is to buy this *unofficial* reissue.

  6. HOKO
    October 27th, 2016 at 03:25 | #6

    Atsushi Yokozeki albums which are extremely difficult to get a hold of:
    ■ ‘Jet resurrection’ [2011]
    ■ ‘Jet destiny’ [2014]
    … any possibility to see these albums here one day?

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