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The schedule for September…

September 1st, 2011 3 comments

And we’re back.
What happened during the past two -seemingly inactive– months was covered in the immediately previous post.
Moving on then.

Effective immediately
1. (Even) More thorough details:
In addition to standard information [Record Label/Catalogue Number/Barcode], each CD/DVD rip will be accompanied by the corresponding β€œMatrix Numbers”

No more doubts as to where a Disc was manufactured.
The Mastering & Mould SID Codes can be used to determine the origin of a pressing/pinpoint the exact CD factory/press πŸ˜‰
All that in conjunction with a constantly updated database provided by
It’s only available in German but it still comes very handy πŸ™‚

2. Changes regarding File-Hosting Services:
I -reluctantly- stopped using Rapidshare.
It’s shame really, from a downloader’s point of view it remains one of the fastest -if not the fastest- service around.
But try to see things from my perspective too:
One of the primary criteria as an uploader is file expiration [due to inactivity], an area in which Rapidshare is at a disadvantage.
It used to be 90 days, then a year ago or so was reduced to 60 and after yet another policy change, is now limited to 1 month.
Not good enough.
Fileserve will be used instead, along with Filefactory, iFile, Megaupload and Mediafire.

3. Potential delays/postponements:
Switching to new OS => Trouble ahead!
It was going to happen sooner or later, I couldn’t spend another 10 years using XP now could I?
It’s more a need for a change than a necessity for me, but nevertheless, I decided to install Windows 7 [quite possibly creating a dual-booting PC: I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Linux Mint, so I might give it a try]
All those combined with a certain SSD drive which comes highly recommended and I have yet to buy πŸ˜‰
Oh, the technological advancements!
You know what that means, don’t you?
Set up programmes while maintaining their previous settings, familiarize with the new environment, ensuring everything is working properly etc.
It’s bound to take some time, I may have to *reschedule* one or two CDs…


September’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:
Firewind – β€œForged by fire” [Enhanced CD] βœ”
Whitesnake – β€œLive at Donington 1990 ” [Deluxe edition CD+DVD] βœ”
Judas Priest – β€œPainkiller” [β€œFan Pack” edition 2009] βœ”
Warrant – β€œDirty rotten filthy stinking rich” [2004 Remaster inc. 2 bonus tracks] βœ”
Warrant – β€œCherry pie” [2004 Remaster inc. 2 bonus tracks] βœ”
The Poodles – β€œSweet trade” [2008 issue inc. 2 bonus tracks] βœ”
Ratt – β€œDetonator” βœ”
Electric Boys – β€œAnd them boys done swang” βœ”
Kens Dojo – β€œReincarnation” βœ”
California Guitar Trio – β€œAndromeda” βœ”
Dream Theater – β€œBlack clouds & silver linings” [3-CD set Deluxe edition] Rescheduled for next month
Dream Theater – β€œA dramatic turn of events” [CD+DVD] Rescheduled for next month

* Subject to change

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One thing at a time…

August 25th, 2011 6 comments

Boring, dull, tedious, tiresome, wearisome…
Had enough (synonyms)? I know I have.
But it had to be done. Promises must be kept and I -naively- made one from the very beginning:
To -gradually- transfer the old blog’s content.
Back then, I’d figured it would only take a few days, a week at worst.
Little did I know, I’d be working incessantly for an entire month… [started in early August and I’m not even halfway through yet!]

Sure, it seems easy in theory -and to some extend it is- but there will always be factors you didn’t take into account, things you only notice at a later stage and so on.
Like the platform compatibility.
After reading a few how-to guides and other relative articles, I realised the direct import of Blogger xml [xml documents contain all published posts & comments] into a WordPress site may not be the safest way.
Following the advice of more experienced users, I’ve registered for a free WordPress account and created an additional -private- blog serving as a *guinea pig*.
All editing, testing etc is done there.
From that point on, it’s just a matter of a few clicks: exporting a perfectly compatible WordPress xml file from the aforementioned temporary blog and then importing it here.
This method automatically eliminates any possibility of *side-effects* e.g. text missing, characters/paragraphs not appearing correctly etc.
It is, in essence, a migration within the same platform and as such 100% secured πŸ˜‰

That, dear readers, was the easy part. The real mess begins when you have to check hundreds of files.
And I’m not referring merely to expired links. At least in that case the course of action is simple: Mark the links as dead and re-upload.
It’s worse. Even the ones currently active have to be tested ❗
You see, for a certain period [rough estimate: autumn 2009 to early September 2010 when I ultimately switched ISP] my internet connection was severely affected by a short circuit (or some other shite) resulting in corrupt uploads.
If there’s one thing I can’t stand, is having to answer the same question over and over again.
And that’s precisely what was happening during that time. Visitors who had never encountered similar problems, kept asking β€œthe rar won’t extract properly, what should I do?”
I understand their frustration (what about mine?), so I made a commitment to replace all those files.
With the exception of and which provide MD5 checksum information [an extremely handy feature: the uploader can confirm file integrity by simply comparing the hash values] all other archives must be downloaded first.
Insane, isn’t it? Downloading YOUR OWN stuff just to make sure they’re intact.
But that’s how far I’m willing to go in order to have some peace of mind (and for YOU to stop bugging me!)

By now you must have had a general idea of what has been going on the past few weeks, right?
Instead of ripping new CDs, I was correcting old posts and uploading throughout the day! Not my idea of fun…
Has anybody noticed though? Judging from the β€œWhen can we expect new uploads” sort of messages I’ve been getting, I’d say no.
Ironically, the bandwidth meter I’m using to monitor the internet connection/keep statistics etc, reports more than 68 GB of outgoing data [and the month isn’t over yet], exceeding the previous record by 25.
So have some sympathy, will you?
It’s probably escaped your attention, but every post from October 2009 to December 2010 [excluding one or two perhaps] has been transferred.
All you need to do, is click the archives button [drop-down menu] and select a month.
This is where I draw the line though, my schedule is hectic and time is limited.
I’ll finish up September 2009 and and that will be it.
More important issues have come up. First and foremost this bloody *404 error page* appearing whenever I try to edit/update a comment containing Rapidshare links.
Why does that happen, I have no idea. It as if it’s cursed 😯

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for:
Bands whose albums may be included in next month’s schedule.
As usual, the list can change at any time -excluding β€œSweet trade” by The Poodles which has already been ripped.
Jani Lane sadly passed away recently, some Warrant is in order – double dosage too.
Judas Priest, Whitesnake and Firewind all appeared on (the same) stage last July and I’d like to start where I left off.
Dream Theater I missed, they too were here for a show, but I’ve already pre-ordered their upcoming album marking the post-Portnoy era, so I don’t think I’ll change that either.
Let’s see, there are still a couple of slots to be filled so shoot away πŸ˜‰

In alphabetical order:
Beyond Twilight
Black Country Communion [x2]
California Guitar Trio
Dream Evil
Dream Theater [x2]
Electric Boys
Eric Johnson
Judas Priest
Kens Dojo
Mattias Eklundh
The Michael Schenker Group
The Poodles
Warrant [x2]
Wig Wam

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The schedule for June…

June 1st, 2011 4 comments

Inexcusable? Not quite.
I did promise some Whitesnake last month but the way things turned out, I found myself short on time.
First it was computer equipment.
Among others, I had to pick a new scanner [the old Canon CanoScan LiDE 90 has been malfunctioning for the past 9 months], RMA my faulty Dell monitor [Quality Control these days is a joke – at least the warranty was still valid and the company’s return policy/service department is impeccable] and buy a new hard disk [you can’t have too much space]

Then came various doctors’ appointments, some scheduled -the cavity filling I’d kept postponing for instance-, some unexpected.
Like the blood donation request I got from a friend.
His father was about to undergo a heart surgery; fortunately, the operation went smoothly and the man is now back on his feet, alive and kicking πŸ™‚
One note is still left on the calendar: tomorrow’s visit to the ophthalmologist – I think I’m falling apart πŸ˜›
Whatever the doctor prescribes, we all know what the best remedy is, don’t we?
A good dosage of politically incorrect (aka sexist) tunes by David Coverdale & co.
Those low octave vocals of his in conjunction with Doug Aldrich’s/Reb Beach’s double axe attack are bound to get your blood pumping at no time!

As an added bonus to visitors who were expecting β€œGood to be bad” & β€œForevermore” sooner, I decided to throw in the 2007 Remaster of β€œCome an’ get it” as well.
Get a taste of Whitesnake’s early Hard Rocking Blues period, an equally important era often overlooked in favour of the post-1987 material.
How’s that for compensation?

Pending from last month:
Def Leppard – β€œPyromania” [2-CD set Deluxe Edition] βœ”
Whitesnake – β€œGood to be bad” [Ltd. edition cardboard box inc. bonus CD] βœ”
Whitesnake – β€œForevermore” [Deluxe edition CD+DVD] βœ”

New additions, not necessarily in this order:
Whitesnake – β€œCome an’ get it” [2007 Remaster] βœ”
Saxon – β€œThe eagle has landed” [2006 Reissue] βœ”
Russell Allen/JΓΈrn Lande – β€œThe showdown” βœ”
Alice Cooper – β€œRaise your fist and yell” βœ”
Great White – β€œOnce bitten” βœ”
Al Di Meola & Leonid Agutin – β€œCosmopolitan life” [Enhanced CD] βœ”
Wig Wam – β€œWig Wamania” βœ”
Journey – β€œEclipse” βœ”

Last updated: 29/06

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The schedule for May…

May 1st, 2011 5 comments

If there’s one Sleaze Rock/Glam Metal (or whatever you want to call it) singer constantly overlooked by the masses, that’s Steve Whiteman.
Even the fans who were around in the mid80s (aka Glory Days) seem to ignore his presence. Man, does it piss me off!
You’ll hear them praising Cinderella or MΓΆtley CrΓΌe or … (pick any other band of the genre that emerged in the same period) but when you mention Kix as an important part of the scene, they get a particular expression on their faces – rather annoying I must say.
The β€œOh yeah, I remember those guys” kind of look (nodding condescendingly), as if you brought up a second rate act in the discussion.
To make things more interesting (adding fuel to the fire according to others), I suggest a Steve Whiteman vs Tom Keifer comparison.
Stating my personal preference (in favour of the former of course) does the trick every single time.
From that point onwards, the whole thing becomes less of a conversation and more of a shouting contest.
β€œYou can’t be serious” and β€œWhat the Hell are you talking about?” must be the most common *arguments*.

Mission accomplished: Next time, they’ll remember Kix for sure πŸ˜‰

May’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Kix – β€œOriginal album series” [5-CD set; 2009 issue]Β βœ”
Includes the following:
β€’ β€œKix” [1981] βœ”
β€’ β€œCool kids” [1983] βœ”
β€’ β€œMidnite dynamite” [1985] βœ”
β€’ β€œBlow my fuse” [1988] βœ”
β€’ β€œHot wire” [1991] βœ”
Whitesnake – β€œGood to be bad” [Ltd. edition cardboard box inc. bonus CD] => Rescheduled for next month
Whitesnake – β€œForevermore” [Deluxe edition CD+DVD] => Rescheduled for next month
Dio – β€œMaster of the moon” βœ”
Cacophony [Marty Friedman/Jason Becker] – β€œGo off!” βœ”
Marty Friedman – β€œDragon’s kiss” βœ”
Marty Friedman – β€œScenes” βœ”
Marty Friedman – β€œIntroduction” βœ”
Marty Friedman – β€œMusic for Speeding” βœ”
Megadeth – β€œRust in peace” [2004 Remaster inc. 4 bonus tracks] βœ”

Pending from last month:
Blue Γ–yster Cult – β€œAgents of fortune” [2001 Remaster inc. 4 bonus tracks] βœ”
Def Leppard – β€œPyromania” [2-CD set Deluxe Edition] => Rescheduled for next month

* Subject to change

Last updated: 31/05

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Third time’s the charm

April 21st, 2011 5 comments

After (whose customization features are virtually non-existent and uptime leaves a lot to be desired)
and (which IMHO was pretty decent in every aspect but unfortunately caught the attention of β€œconcerned citizens”),
it’s time for yet another effort:

Introducing the new, and from now on primary, blog
Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip hooray!

(awkward silence)
What, no applause?

(moderate booing)
Are these ironic cheers I’m hearing? How dare you?
Don’t forget, I know who YOU are. You’ll be dealt with accordingly πŸ˜›

Seriously now, the *new* -and greatly improved if I may add- blog has been up and running for almost 3 weeks now.
That’s right folks, opening day was April’s first, I fool you not.
Alas, judging by the traffic statistics I’m reading [3 weeks’ data should be sufficient to draw some conclusions], most of you are unaware of its existence.
Numbers don’t lie: this old, roughly designed blogger hosted blog gets 5 times the visitors in comparison πŸ™
Maybe you don’t pay much [correction: ANY] attention to the Twitter messages I’m leaving…
They’re right in front of you, you know…
Really hard to miss…
You have to be blind NOT to notice them!
Try clicking one of these for a change and you’ll be nicely surprised (or so I’d like to think)

Where were we? Oh yes. Time to update those bookmarks/favourites of yours and drop by the new place.
I insist. Otherwise I’ll be offended.
Don’t ruin my mood please, I’m known for having a notorious temper. Do you really want to put your life in jeopardy over this? πŸ˜›

Here’s a somewhat more detailed description:
After the unpleasant surprise/traumatic experience I had with the free hosted WordPress blog, I figured β€œWhat the Hell, let’s do it properly this time”.
And by properly I mean a paid hosting service.
Thanks to some very eager people, members of a domestic tech forum/community, I got valuable information and guidance as well as a few recommendations.
Based on those facts, I registered my own domain [Cost: $13,98 – valid for 2 years] then bought a β€œstarter pack” from a (local) web hosting provider [Cost: €44,98 annually]
The idea of spending money on something other than CDs or tickets doesn’t appeal to me at all.
I did, however, weigh my options carefully prior to making such a decision; unless something totally unexpected -meaning catastrophic- happens, this is the last time you’ll ever hear me complaining about web site expenses.

Blah, blah, blah. Spare us the details and GET TO THE POINT!
How is it different?
Well, first and foremost I will no longer see any of those β€œwe have received a complain regarding your blog, remove the content in question or else…” notices.
Peace of mind at last. That is not to say links won’t get reported though.
But at least the prospect of being shut down just because some wanker got up on the wrong side of bed will be nothing but a distant memory.
So, the #1 difference is independence.
Followed closely by flexibility.
The advantages of running your own domain are endless.
You can start a site from scratch, pick a theme/template out of thousands and customize it and so on.
Sounds clichΓ© I know, but β€œthe sky is the limit”.
Complete freedom to do whatever you set your mind to. That of course includes the possibility of messing it entirely but that’s another story…
All those plugins I used to see but couldn’t use due to restrictions, are now at my disposal.
One of the first ones I implemented involves a decent rating system using a scale from 1 to 10 rather than the standard, insufficient 5-stars.
It allows you to vote for each album, very handy considering most visitors don’t usually care to comment.
[Just go easy with that, I noticed high scores -9s and 10s- on albums that IMHO don’t deserve it]

Which bring us to the process of leaving a comment.
It’s slightly different compared to blogspot and given there is no CAPTHCA code to insert, easier too.
All you have to do after writing your message, is to tick a box confirming you’re NOT a SPAM bot
Couldn’t have been simpler.
You should also know I’m planning on installing the Google Friend Connect plugin.
Any visitor already logged-in to their Google (and several others if I’m not mistaken) accounts, will be spared the nuisance of filling the name & e-mail address boxes in order to leave a comment πŸ˜‰
As an alternative, you can always count on the ShoutBox widget. No (150) character limit like ShoutMix’s, knock yourselves out.
I’m sure you’ll figure out the rest, it’s all straight-forward.

Be advised:
I intend to transfer the content of blogspot, starting with the posts of 2010.
It won’t be completed over a day but when it does, all the comments containing tracklists, information, logs and download links will be removed.
The initial posts will be edited in order to re-direct to the new blog and any future comments posted here will be BLOCKED.
If you have something to say, do so at
That’s the whole point anyway πŸ˜‰

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The schedule for April…

April 1st, 2011 2 comments

(Not that I needed a reason, still…)
Saxon will be visiting Athens in a couple of days, April the 7th to be specific.
Needless to say I’m going, it’s been several years since I last saw them.
I just went through my ticket collection, it was December 2003;
I guess I’ve missed a few shows in the years between 😳

Anyhow, a few months ago I spotted these 2009 & 2010 Reissues of their back-catalogue and bought them.
All, of course.
I merely couldn’t resist, there is tons of *bonus material* and the prices were affordable (at least at the time, perhaps they still are)
As for the quality of the Remasters, you’d better consult with someone who has the 1st (vinyl) pressings.
Time to give these CDs a few spins πŸ˜‰

April’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Saxon – β€œSaxon” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œWheels of steel” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œStrong arm of the law” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œDenim and leather” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œPower & the glory” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œCrusader” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œInnocence is no excuse” [2010 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œRock the nations” [2010 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Saxon – β€œDestiny” [2010 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”

Pending from last month:
Mr. Big – β€œBack to Budokan” [Limited edition 2CD/2DVD set] βœ”
Blue Γ–yster Cult – β€œAgents of fortune” [1999 Remaster; Digipack]Β βœ”
Blue Γ–yster Cult – β€œAgents of fortune” [2001 Remaster inc. 4 bonus tracks] => Rescheduled for next month
Def Leppard – β€œPyromania” [2-CD set Deluxe Edition] => Rescheduled for next month
Thunder – β€œBehind closed doors” [2010 Remaster; 2-CD set] βœ”

* Subject to change

Last updated: 30/04

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The schedule for March…

March 1st, 2011 3 comments

March’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Pending from last month:
On The Rise – β€œDream zone” βœ”
Mr. Big – β€œBack to Budokan” [Limited edition 2CD/2DVD set] => Rescheduled – again!
Fair Warning – β€œAura” [Enhanced CD] βœ”

FLAC requests previously available on lossy formats:
Uli Jon Roth – β€œEarthquake/Fire wind” [Combo]Β βœ”
Synesthesia – β€œSynesthesia” βœ”
Def Leppard – β€œHysteria” [2-CD set Deluxe Edition] βœ”
Thunder – β€œBang!” βœ”
7 for 4 – β€œContact” βœ”
7 for 4 – β€œTime” βœ”
7 for 4 – β€œDiffusion” βœ”
Blue Γ–yster Cult – β€œAgents of fortune” [1999 Remaster; Digipack] => Rescheduled
Blue Γ–yster Cult – β€œAgents of fortune” [2001 Remaster inc. 4 bonus tracks] => Rescheduled
and in case you’re wondering, YES, I’ll post both editions.

New additions:
Def Leppard – β€œPyromania” [2-CD set Deluxe Edition] => Rescheduled
Thunder – β€œBehind closed doors” [2010 Remaster; 2-CD set] => Rescheduled

U.D.O. – β€œTimebomb” βœ”
U.D.O. – β€œSolid” βœ”
U.D.O. – β€œHoly” βœ”
A little something for the U.D.O. *music flood* we’ve got running on Tunes-Unlimited πŸ˜‰

* Subject to change

Last updated: 31/03

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FLAC Upgrade List

February 26th, 2011 9 comments

Again, the title is self-explanatory.
There are some CDs (posted on the *old* blog) available only on mp3 or other lossy formats.
I will, of course, upgrade everything eventually; I just wanted to give you the opportunity to prioritize
The offer expires on Monday the 28th, 24:00 (GMT +2:00)
So, you’ve got more than two days to make up your mind – just leave a comment mentioning the album ofΒ  your choice
And fear not, this whole thing will NOT affect the latest Mr. Big which has already been ripped (the CD that is) and will be posted tomorrow πŸ˜‰
To see the list, click HERE or the image (my β€œavatar”) at the top of this post.

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The schedule for February…

February 1st, 2011 4 comments

February’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Y & T – β€œContagious” βœ”
Bangalore Choir – β€œOn target” [2010 Remaster; Enhanced CD] βœ”
Accept – β€œBlood of the nations” [Limited edition digipack inc. bonus track] βœ”
Stratosphere – β€œFire flight” βœ”
Geff – β€œLand of the free” βœ”
Mr. Big – β€œWhat if…” [Collector’s edition/Bonus DVD] βœ”
The Michael Schenker Group – β€œThe Michael Schenker Group” [2009 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”
Blue Γ–yster Cult – β€œFire of unknown origin” βœ”
Atsushi Yokozeki Project – β€œRaid” [2010 Reissue] βœ”
Heavens Edge – β€œHeavens Edge” [2010 Remaster inc. bonus tracks] βœ”

* Subject to change

Also considering the following:
Mr. Big – β€œBack to Budokan” [Limited edition 2CD/2DVD set] => Rescheduled for next month
Fair Warning – β€œAura” [Enhanced CD] => Rescheduled for next month
Driver – β€œSons of thunder” βœ”
Dreamtide – β€œDream and deliver” βœ”
On The Rise – β€œDream zone” => Rescheduled for next month
β–Ί Re-rip requested: Fair Warning – β€œGo!” βœ”
β–Ί Re-rip requested: Tamas – β€œBlue syndicate” βœ”

Last updated: 28/02

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The schedule for January…

January 2nd, 2011 1 comment

Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd – β€œRaw Blues power” βœ”
Dio – β€œDio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987” [2CD set] βœ”
Van Halen – β€œVan Halen” [2000 Remaster;Β  HDCD] βœ”
Van Halen – β€œVan Halen II” [2000 Remaster; HDCD] βœ”
Heir Apparent – β€œOne small voice” [2010 Remaster inc. bonus tracks and DVD] βœ”
Code Of Perfection – β€œLast exit for the lost” βœ”
Black ‘N Blue – β€œCollected” [Special box set containing all 4 studio albums & a live DVD] βœ”

The Black ‘N Blue Box-set counts for 4 which means I’ve reached the magic number for the month (in case you’re wondering it’s 10) and I’m off the hook πŸ˜›

Last Updated: 25/01

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