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The schedule for February…

Partial discography [“Thundersteel” onwards], in memory of Mark Reale.

February’s schedule*, not necessarily in this order:

Riot – “Thundersteel
Riot – “Nightbreaker
Riot – “The Brethren of the Long House” [2CD-set; includes “Riot in Japan – Live!!”]
Riot – “Inishmore
Riot – “Shine on
Riot – “Sons of society
Riot – “Through the storm
Riot – “Immortal soul” [Limited edition digipack inc. 2 bonus tracks]

Past threads relevant to Riot (e.g. Westworld) will be updated accordingly and, if needed, the respective CDs will be re-ripped.

* Subject to change

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  1. guest
    February 11th, 2012 at 03:05 | #1

    Please, if possible, post the following CDs:
    “Rock City” [1977]
    “Narita” [1979]
    “Fire down under” [1981]
    “Restless breed” [1982]
    “Born in America” [1983]

  2. February 14th, 2012 at 15:30 | #2

    guest :

    Please, if possible, post the following CDs:
    “Rock City” [1977]
    “Narita” [1979]
    “Fire down under” [1981]
    “Restless breed” [1982]
    “Born in America” [1983]

    I didn’t write partial discography for no reason you know.
    I’ve included everything I own, except “Riot Live” which was left out intentionally.
    This particular edition was issued by a domestic magazine [Metal Hammer] and even though it’s official [under licence from Metal Blade], it remains disappointingly poor in terms of packaging. Suffice to say, I’ve seen bootlegs with better looking booklets!
    The added text [in Greek] on the front cover alone, is reason enough to dismiss it and would put off any serious collector (seconded perhaps by the magazine’s logo followed by a “Not for sale” notice)
    Let’s face it, Metal Hammer [at least the Greek branch] is in no place to issue CDs worthy of acquiring.
    Unlike Classic Rock magazine’s luxurious editions [e.g. Whitesnake, Chickenfoot etc], they focus on *budget* reissues aiming at those whose first priority is the cost, NOT quality.
    On the other hand, all these come as freebies, so, as far as value for money is concerned, they’re not bad at all. Perhaps I should cut them some slack…

    Anyhow, if any of you is interested in seeing the aforementioned album posted here, I won’t refuse 😉
    After all, audio-wise, the CD is not inferior to the standard Metal Blade edition…

    One last thing:
    Signing as “guest” (how original – would it hurt you to use your first name?) under a phony e-mail (that I can understand, I’m sensitive about privacy too) is not the best approach especially when you’re making a request 😐

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